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Czech Republic
Active since:
First release:



*****Dj Elwira has ‘shaken hands’ with drum‘n’bass and jungle somewhere in 1999 when she came along the record of Skynet and Stakka.
She soon realized that she will not feel satisfied only in role of a listener. At the break-through of 2001/02 she gets her own turntables and starts to play.
Since 2004 she regularly performs at the dnb events all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. She played in Austria, Germany and Slovenia too****

She supported all the well known Czech and Slovak djs and to name a few form the foreign stars: Teebee, Muffler, Gridlok, Audio, Temper D, Black Sun Empire, Crossfire, Baron, Noisia, Purple Unit, Ill Skillz, Optical, Robyn Chaos, Flight and Jade****

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