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Interview with Ed Rush & Optical

10. 06. 2014

We bring you another interview, this time we've talked with the legendary drum & bass duo Ed Rush & Optical! Those two are releasing their tunes mostly on their own Virus Recordings imprint for years already. You can find out lots of exciting news in the interview below!

Optical took care of the replies :)


1. Hi guys! How are you? How was your gig in April here in Czech Republic?

Hi Beaty. Gig was absolutely fantastic, we had an amazing time at The Roxy,  it was a really good atmosphere in there! Really great vibes, we always expect a lot from a Czech crowd and they didn’t disappoint.


2. You've been performing a lot over the last few years in Czech Republic. What is your favourite club in here? How do you like a crowd here?

I think the Roxy has to be our favourite club and Let-It-Roll is our favourite festival, both are incredible places to play. Czech crowds are very knowledgable and create a very special atmosphere with a lot of good energy.


3. Everybody is waiting for your “AUTOMATON LP”. How pleased are you with your LP? Tell us a little bit about the new tracks... What can we expect?

It‘s a mixture of styles but all of them are based on our funky, big bass, hard edged sound, with tracks featuring Rymetyme on vocals. We are very happy with the way it has turned out and we hope everyone else likes what we have done. We have tried not to worry too much about current styles and just focus on the things we can do best.


4. How long have you worked on the LP?

We have been touring hard for the last few years so it has taken about 2 years to get it right.


5. What's next for Virus Recordings?

We have a new Optiv & BTK LP called ‚Blackjack‘ coming out on the 16th of June then Ed Rush & OpticalAutomaton‘ LP 2nd week of September. Plus new a single from Gridlok and more TBC later in the year. We are in the middle of a worldwide Label tour, and we have a long list of Festival announcements to make in the next 2 weeks.


6. Tell me the history between you guys coming together?

We met through mutual friends as we grew up only a mile apart in London, we were both involved in the early ravescene in London and we met in the mid 90’s through our work on early dnb. We all used to go to ‚Music House‘ which was a dubplate mastering company in Islington, London to make dubs for our sets and that is where we really got to know each other, around 1995.


7. What's the secret to being able to continue producing together for so long? Do you argue much?

I think the secret is being able to let it go when you have issues and realise that most people only fight because of stress and tiredness so it‘s best to move on when something bothers you. We are both good at understanding each other‘s moods I think after all these years, we are all like family these days so it’s not that difficult. In the studio we really understand each other‘s garbled/random opinions on where to go with our music and we are often on the same page, we rarely strongly disagree with the direction we are going...it seems we always find a way of mixing our individual ideas into something that works...we focus on different aspects of a track naturally so it just works well.


8. What tips would you give to any producers starting a new label or considering it?

If you tell people your tracks sound a bit like ‚so and so artist‘ then you are not on the right track, your answer should be...you never heard anything like this before...


9. Would you like to mention any talented producers which are not well known yet?

There are a huge amount of exciting new producers around at the moment, we wish them all good luck and success as that is what keeps DNB fresh and constantly improving and growing. The list is too long so we would rather focus on encouragement to all producers in our scene to keep our music as one of the most diverse and healthy genres in all of music, we feel proud to be involved in something that has so many possibilties and continues to surprise and entertain.


10. Any final words for your fans?

Thank you very much for supporting us...we will never take it for granted and we strive everyday 100% to provide something that is real expression of our love for music.


Thank you very much for your time and we are looking forward to your next show!


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