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Interview: Robyn Chaos + TOP5 Minimix

22. 10. 2014

1.Hi Robyn! How are you doing?

Hi Beaty. I’m good, thank you! Saying buh bye to summer (or what we have in the UK) and looking forward to Autumn, which is really my favourite season.


2.You runs Anger Management agency. Do you have any new blood producers under your wings?

Well, I wouldnt say *new‘ as all of them have been producing great music and have released on various labels as well as my own TSR for some time, but moreso just helping to raise their profiles and get their sound and sets to more bass hungry mouths ;) Artists like Hostage, Fortitude, eRRe, CA2k and Slang Banger.

3.With your baby „Therapy Session“ you are traveling around the world! What is your favourite destination?

Oh thats a hard one....I guess my two faves are Belgium and Portugal if I had to pick, as I know many people there and have had long term relations with the promoters / audience (lots of super crowd participation)...Bristol is always fun and its my uber baby as much more involved with that one as on hometurf…Budweis/Czech of course ;) (the only place someone gave me an awesome much needed gift when I walked on stage – always rememebred mate!) Bucharest..lol its like Sophies Choice, (or maybe a Pringle) too hard to pick one!!

I love love South America too, wish some of those spots weren’t so far away!


4.On your webside you introduce yourself like a dj, singer, writer, producer, promoter, agent. Tell me something abou a singer career? Have you ever perform with a band?

I have performed with bands since I was...probably 11 or something...first fronting bands for like...basically the only time my dad became jewish was during holidays where eating and celebrations were involved (not the fasting ones), we were actually bacon eating heathens the rest of the year, and he was always getting me to sing at various known small Tradtional Jewish or Jazz restaurants (usually Italian) around New York City. It was actually pretty terrifying lol...and old assed songs I didnt even know from the 40’s too lol…all Irving Berlin and such LOL. Then there were choirs and all the typical „nice“ singing training, I also trained in classical piano and did various little concerts with this quiet prestigious music school in Brooklyn (I have forgotten almost everything sadly..I always feel that if I was the chick in Goonies..I would pull an epic fail..). 

Obviously, once in middle school, I completely rebelled and went for any rock band or experimental project I could find..Even when I moved to London in 1995, the first thing I found was a band in the Loot or NME, a bunch of brummies, and we would perform covers and some original work in various pubs around London.. carrying our kit on buses hahahah and practicing beforehand on them LOL. Every week I would tell them at our Sunday shows in Surbiton that I “thought I had laryngitis” (I was just almost pitifully nervous to the point of Sahara throat) so they started giving me Newcastle Brown Ale’s to drink beforehand…if you know about them, they are huge…so basically I would go from not singing or talking to blind drunk within 30 mins, and somehow always remember all the lyrics (amazing how that works) or make them up, which made everyone laugh and we got quite popular from that LOL hahahah.We even had a show at The Bull & Bush which is famous for having the Roling Stones play there...that was actually pretty cool.. so yes, lots of band experiences.. 

5.Memories on your first  no-djing party?

Well I grew up in the US...so I think my first memory is going to Limelight in NYC probably in 1992 (went to Tunnel first and got turned away as we were all 16 and in prom dresses)..It was a typical american party lol pretty much the same as it is in some places over there today..you know, candy raver and such...people doing glowstick hand mime dances and sitting crosslegged massaging each other on the dance floor and shit...bleh.....I was actully totally turned off and concentrated on live rock shows from then on for a good 2/3 years and my friends couldnt get me to a nightclub for love or money. Next time I went to a nightclub I think was in London (totally gave up on US clubbing) in 1995/96 to Metalheadz most likely (or maybe a Ninja Tune night first). Old mates from home still crack up now with what I do for a living.


6.What about Freak recordings? What´s new?

I can’t really speak for Freak (heh that rhymed) but as it seemed releases were coming to a standstill and he perhaps wasn’t as involved in DnB anymore,  I started Therapy Sessions Recordings (TSR) to carry on that legacy with many of the same Therapy / Freak artists and some new ones! Our first release was in the Fall of last year with Hostage (absolutely one of my faves – as will see in the top 5 with more forthcoming for TSR), followed by myself and Fortitude (definitely getting a name for himself out there at the moment), the killer remix of Hostage’s Wires by Audio alongside The Truth (collab with Dylan and Kitech with vox by yours truly), and now our next release forthcoming is a stellar track from Current Value with  CA2K on the flip, another who has really stepped it up in the last year both production wise and with his hi energy, head pounding sets. I wasn‘t involved in the business/organisational side of Freak, in terms of basically being the person fully in charge, scheduling, financing, mastering, artwork, etc, as I am now with TSR.. so its nice to be able to run things how I want to, do what I believe and stand behind 100% and be a bit more organised and consistent. TSR isn’t looking to put out a million releases but to only put out those we really love and hope others do too. I suppose since the king has left the throne for a bit, kinda didnt even leave a note soo…Long Live The Queen! ;)


7.When are you gonna soften up? :-)

Eh, what’s soft? Listening to Taylor Swift / dnb remakes of Kayne West or Fresh Prince? Then give me fookin' death… Live Hard ;)


8. How does you day look like?

Usually I’m up around 9/9:30am... I try not to check mails and such first but I always end up doing from my phone in bed to see if there’s anything urgent...until recently, I would then launch into work in my undies and not move for 5 hours from the spot, but I’m trying to start a new routine...SO NOOOW I get up, make sure eat breakfast (most important meal of daaaay ya‘ll ;) listen to BBC Radio 4, clear up kitchen from night before, sort little domestic shit out (today it was fighting the millions of spiders that hide on my laundry line on the pegs..I am terrified of spiders)...then its basically 5/6 hours that I won’t bore you with of contracts, visas, flights, artwork, scheduling with distros, getting things into printers, calculating distances and travel between places, getting people to pay deposits on time, fighting with people to fill out itineraries on time, press kits, mail outs, feeling like a jackass updating my website and fighting with CSS (old dawg new tricks and all that), trying to direct the undirectable and organise the unorganised :P...I also do some housework in that time, mopping, laundry (spiders, as we discussed), making sure Therapy shit doenst take over the house like it tends to do with posters and heads and skulls hanging all over the place…I am constantly reorganising. Go to town and food shop, make dinner for later (was proud to figure out yesterday actually that we eat freshly cooked every day – we have had 2 takeaways in a YEAR!! That’s amazing! LOL). I also started a very small Jewellery company, making small handcrafted pendants, rings, earrings etc out of silver and gold, so I have a small studio in my utlity room to work on that if a slower day (with various hammers, blowtorches etc), or draw designs etc (Facebook.com/RobynChaosJewellery). Theeeen, I usually have a mix or some vocals to do (like right now ..I’M SORRY ZARDONIC I’M DOING IT RIGHT AFTER THIS!!) but I try to team that with walking into town (exercise and fresh air) for food (errand) or posting shirts/hoodies/flyers etc, and bring my mp3 recorder and sing to myself, get my ideas ready to record later, and basically look batshit crazy in my neighbourhood. They let me off as they think its an „American thing“. My lovely other half gets home at 6/7pm and we eat, laugh, maybe work on music together, either dnb or just ambient projects we do as well (dark electro blues ish)..watch Simpsons or The Strain or a Film Noir movie, make out and asleep pretty early in the week by midnight as he has to be up at like 7:30am.

9.What do you think about Ice Bucket challenge mania? 

Argh, don’t get me started lol...but its something that I think you cannot even have a dialogue about... or the problem is it is hard with anything that might matter (I’m not sure whether to put this per se in that category) to try to discuss over social media...you just can’t..yet everyone thinks its the epicenter of activism (slacktivism)..online campaigns are sometimes productive, more often than not though people quickly forget and next week it’s something else and trends and institutions come to dictate working classes priorities...and its hardly ever benefiting the working class...and nothing gets sorted as people are completely missing the point of sustained charity or charity in their every day life. I was joking that I knew so many men in particular, who don’t pay child support or such but took part in this challenge and it’s like... really? It is all hand in hand, we cannot compartmentalise charity and acting right which is what social media I think helps to do….(what happened with #bringbackourgirls ??? After this huge online campaign, not one has been returned due to it…and no one even mentions it anymore)...so its not about THIS PARTICULAR THING...its the mindset that we’re getting far too comfortable in...believing ends always justifies means when we know it doesnt (my god, History anyone? Thats why in half these fucking messes right now to start with!) so don’t let society groom you to believe that.. and in very what seems like at the time ‚benign“ ways… what is it they say, “the devil comes disguised as an angel of light" (to paraphrase as thats too religious lol than I am comfortable with - but you get me)  and I tend to think its slightly conspiratory that life and education and media and everything seems to be constantly fighting your right and ability (and what one should always use) to think critically and not just follow blindly or be institutionalized...team that with making things about attention whores...I’ve already gone too far and blood pressure starting to rise…but yeah LOL don’t be a sheep...seriously…I feel like Lisa Simpson more every day…and now I also feel like I have spiders crawling on me…fucking laundry line…RIGHT NOW I WOULD TAKE A WATER BUCKET..but just for the spiders…just.. for. the. spiders.


10.Would you like to say something to your czech fans?

I know everyone comes here and is like „ Thank you Mexico City, you guys are the best whooohooo!“ LOL but I do really love my Czech crew..its been years of going to Czech Republic for shows, there’s been skull bday cakes and beat boxing when the power went off at a show...we have a history, you guys and I ;)  and hope to see more of you lot in 2015! I’m actually in process of organising coming over myself in the winter to play and looking forward to making a weekend of it, czech beer, yummy food, great gothic artitecture and I haven’t seen too much of  the countryside, so a train trip about may be in order ;) any cool suggestions of cities or towns between Brno and Prague FB message me ;)


Thank you for a interview and wish you lot of success!!!



1. Hostage - Sudden Def (TSR Dub)

2. CA2k – Losted (TSR004 forthcoming dub)  

3. Fortitude - Never More (Critcal Bass)

4. eRRe & Fortitude - You Have No Idea (Melting Pot)

5. Current value – Madre de Dios (TSR004 forthcoming dub)



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