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Krakota - Xylo / Irregular

30. 10. 2014
New Releases

Krakota is releasing his first single under the roof of Hospital Records!

Krakota, Lynx and Reso are the latest additions to the Hospital Records family. The first one mentioned, Krakota, is releasing his first single Xylo / Irregular not long after he signed the deal.

This single brings us two great new tunes. The first one is "Xylo". Juicy track built upon the bass line that will bring delight mainly to lovers of happy listening vibes. Essentially, the beat doesn't budge off the track ever since it starts, and leads us swaying in rhythm until the very end.

The second track "Irregular", as opposed to "Xylo", builds upon a hard beat and naughty, tremulous sound. The thick bass guides us through several height levels and won't let us breathe until the very last second in its dark demonic pace!

Krakota found a new home and introduces us to a very neatly done release, so now we can only look forward to the next new thing! 

And if you want to catch Krakota behind the decks, visit in the Break Art Xtra! party at the Cross Club in Prague on 12th December!


ARTIST: Krakota

EP ALBUM: Xylo / Iregular

RELEASE DATE: 13. October 2014

Label: Hospital Records

HOSPITAL SHOP: http://bit.ly/1rjQvpD

iTUNES: http://bit.ly/1qNsxnn


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