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DnB Portal Merchandise

31. 10. 2014

We're proud to present the very first DnBPortal merchandise collection, both men's and women's t-shirts & tank tops. In case you're interested in getting any of those items, feel free to message us on our facebook profile, be sure to include what exactly would you want, the size of the chosen item or how many of which you would like.

The prize for all of those is 250 Czech Crowns (10 euros/8 pounds) per item. All the payments are expected to be sent to our account before we mail out the goods, the details are to be discussed upon placing the order with each customer individually.

Delivery options:
via mail delivery or you can pick it up in person in Prague.
Mail delivery in CZ 100Czk/4€/3£
Mail delivery in EU 250Czk/10€/8£ (we recommend group orders)

Fot those, who don't use facebook: you can send us your order options to info@dnbportal.cz titled "Merchandise Order". Be sure to include the info - what exactly do you want, size, number of items and optionally your delivery adress as well.

By buying those clothes you're supporting DnBPortal team and what we do directly. And your support is much appreciated!







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