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Interview with Mc Kryptomedic

07. 06. 2015

Hi Mike,

in June 13th, it will be an honour for us to welcome you back in the Czech Republic in one of the most famous european music and art center Cross Club in Prague. You will be hosting the Sety.cz 8th Anniversary celebration in exclusive set with Parallel Activity and we are really looking forward to perform together again after the wicked set on Let It Roll 2014 festival:) Because Let It Roll gig was your very first in the Czech Republic, tell us please, how did you enjoyed to hype the czech crowd for the first time and how did you enjoyed that weekend at all anyway?

Yes! I am looking forward to June 13th and my return to Czech, the first trip was amazing! Last year was my first trip over and the weekend was just amazing, from enjoying the city and sunshine to touching down at the world's biggest baddest dnb festival, it was a weekend for the books!

From my experience at Let It Roll 2014 I found the crowd to be true fans of Drum and Bass and totally into the vibes, from what I hear of Cross Club I expect good things and hope the people are ready for a special night!

I know you are coming from US but many years living in Germany and travelling a lot around the world for the parties, so is it possible to say just after one visit of the Czech Republic, what do you think about the local drumandbass scene if you compare it with the others you could have seen so far?

The Czech Republic has a strong scene, strong enough that the artists and fans of dnb who haven't been there have heard about it, I was no different in that sense. I have many friends who live over there or know artists who have played there and had only heard great things. My first experience at Let it Roll didn't let me down in anyway, Czech has a great crowd and scene... in comparison with everywhere I have been and traveled it is hard to say it is not one of the strongest. For sure it's up at the top, and that is something to be proud of and continue to build on, long live drum and bass and the culture and music we love!

If we try to focus a little bit on the comparison of the German and Czech drumandbass scene. Once you told me that drumandbass is not so popular in German like in the Czech Republic, so could you say why? Where do you see the main difference between those to countries although we are just the neighbours?

It's always hard to compare scenes but I guess I would say the main difference in the two countries is the mindset and taste of the crowd. I find it often when comparing anywhere with Germany that most other countries are up to date and well knowledged on drum and bass whereas parts of Germany (not all of) are really stuck in a sound and vibe from the past, the ravey, jump up wobble that once was, which is cool, but as I said, a thing of the past.

I really appreciate a crowd who knows their tunes, the drops, understands deep, neuro, liquid, the new minimal jump up, just today's music and I think Czech has that next generation raver ready and up for anything.

Let´s move more to you personally and start with your quite interesting artist nickname Kryptomedic. Why did you choose just this one? Some special meaning in connection with your life of what? :)

Sure, this is a question that comes up from time to time and has a rather nerdy answer.

In 1997/98 Blizzard Entertainment came out with a computer game called Starcraft that went on to become a legend and evntually some 10+ years later was followed up by part 2. My neighbor and childhood best friend Jared actually had used this name for my character as we began playing for the first time and somehow it stuck. I guess I first used it in rapping with friends in basement sessions back

in America as a teenager and later when it came to be that I would MC to Drum and Bass it was just already set so I stuck with it.

Nerd level maximum?:)

Every musician passes through a continual music taste and style development, so what type of music did you listen to when you were young and what formed your music taste? Besides others, I know you are a big fun of skateboarding, so would I be right saying that this culture must influenced you much? :)

I guess that's true for everyone though, not just musicians. Lets get into it though, for me I started with Soundgarden Superunknown, as one of my very first albums I owned. After that I was into that grunge sound, shit it was the 90s...who wasn't. Later I moved towards punk and ska with my skateboarding friends and neighbors, some of which I even formed a Punk band with at one point doing shows around the area. The skateboarding and Punk culture, not only at that time but still today, totally accepted underground hip hop, I remember the days when you could see Jurrasic 5 or Dialated Peoples on the Vans Warped Tour, hell even the Black Eyed Peas where there as a breakdance group before they did tunes... this was my way into rap, and as I said before it was the 90s, there was no avoiding Biggie, Jay-Z, Tupac, Snoop and Dre, Big L, A Tribe Called Quest and the all rest... I ended up with a mixed taste of punk and rap and ska and rock and just everything that was vibing, one way or another.

And when did you decided to become an MC? Who or what brought you in?

Well technically it was just back in the states with my friend Freddy Laps and D-Rek as we would record tunes and flows on an old 4 track and then I guess I fell off for a few years but always listened to music at that time (early 2000s) like Last Emperor or Jedi Mind Tricks. A few years later as I had landed in Mannheim Germany as an American Soldier I was introduced to Drum and Bass and it just stuck. First I was a raver, sometimes flowing at smaller shows as I was friends with all the other local MCs at the time but mostly focused on the rave and having fun. As time passed I watched so many friends rise to success and followed in their footsteps in a way while still finding my place and the reason I really enjoyed MCing was the chance to shut up. I never liked it when MCs went in too hard or too long or had a million rewinds and one day it dawned on me when I have the mic I can keep it away from everyone else, finally a chance to let vocal tracks and anthems the space they needed to breathe and be heard. For a while I became quite outspoken against MCs and actually went through a time that many other artists had a bit of beef with me perhaps for it. Years later as I began my own rise through sticking with my own style and cating less about what others did, I found they would watch and eventually copy or learn what it was I was doing that made the difference. I was a bit upset in the begining as my lyrics were stolen, my style copied, sometimes even my on stage antics, but in the end I realized its  great thing. I don´t feel that beef with anyone these days anymore, I feel love from every side and I am happy to have seen others have learned from me and adapted a bit. Its good for the growth and development of the music and the raves.

Your vocals appears mainly, at least what I know, in drumandbass, particulary deep drumandbass tunes? Is it right, or you don´t go strictly only to drumandbass?

What I do varies and I think for that reason different people view me differently if that makes any sense. I have heard from fans I am their favorite neuro mc or that they love my deep stuff or the vibes of a liquid set I had done in the past were great and so on. I don´t like to limit myself and have been known to host around on a number of styles. From time to time even when I get the chance I host to breaks or techno when it fits. So no. No boundaries here.

Where do you take the inspiration from for you lirycs anyway?

Great question! Also a hard one to answer as I take them from many different places, some songs are about my old city and where I am from like "Mill City" some are about relationships like "Melt" or "Cupid's Arrow" and others can be silly nonsense like "Smilex" ... I think any artist writes on what they know and have been through and I'm not really any different.

Please, could you briefly describe us a process of making vocals to any track? Do you usually visit the track producer´s studio personally? I would see it as the most efficient way for both the producer and you but what if you should collab with some producer based e.g. in US or wherever far from your home?

No I almost never visit the producer or the studios as I live in Munich and most artists I work with are spread out across Europe. Basically making a tune consists of some discussion of what it should be or perhaps the topic of the lyrics. Receiving a tune from someone to work on via email and then usually putting that into Audacity so I can see the wav form. From there I will play the tune and freestyle to the record function on my phone and when I am happy with it take that recording around with me and listen to it for few days till I get to the studio. From there it is a matter of laying down the vocals and sending them back to the producer who will finish up the track and evetually get back to me with a demo version that I can listen to until it drops. That is my process these days.

Is there any favourite producer you prefer to cooperate with?

Hard one because there are so many great producers out there today but here are  few I would love to collaborate with (in no particular order) Memtrix, Mefjus, The Upbeats, Hybrid Minds, DRS, Riya, Collette Warren, Telekinesis,  Inside Info, and just sooo many more…

…just all my friends that I haven't worked with yet, I have you all on my list and it would mean lot to me if our careers crossed paths and we were able to lay down tracks that would outlive us all. Big love going out to you all.

Last years your name is connected with still more and more famous drumandbass producer and labels and I know you´ve got a lot of new big stuff prepared for this year. So could you reveal us your plans for the close future and what we can be looking forward to from you?

Well yes, this year marks a big step forward as I do infact have almost exclusively tunes with bigger names coming, only few side projects will be dropping now and everything else looks to be big. For starters I just dropped "Life After Death" on Drum and Bass Arena 2015 LP with Zombie Cats, the tune even made the limited vinyl release so we were hyped on that. Next up is my first release on Virus, also a vinyl, a song called *SMMF with BTK & Maztek in June. After this there will be a series of releases on Blackout and then we see where we go from there. I have some ideas and some things in the pipeline but everyone will have to wait and see, I can only promise it will all be big bad drum and bass!

In 2014 and 2013 you made the vocals for the great tunes Structural and Mill City released on the famous czech label Authentic Music. Can we also look forward to some new stuff for them in the future?

Yes! I love Authentic since day 1, full support for this great label! They are working on something great that will be comimg later this year I think and I can say this much... there is a highly anticipated remix of Structure coming from the legendary Sunchase and a brand new never before heard tune from myself longside upcoming Romanian producer Beepo and I am happy to see them both coming!

OK Mike, last quite usual guestion at the end – your message to the people coming to the Cross Club?

I am looking forward to my first night at Cross Club and hope you are too, bring your A game ravers and I will bring mine and we see if we can make something special happen! See you soon ravers!


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