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Icicle - Entropy Remixed

10. 06. 2015
New Releases

Not half a year has passed since we had an opportunity to treat our ears with a second and very successful album by a dutch master of freezy atmosphere known under the name of Icicle. Now we shall have the pleasure of hearing remixes of a few selected tracks from this CD and one older classic tune, that is still being drawn frequently from various DJ bags around the globe.

Next-generation remix of track Neutralize was made by dnb scene's relatively new talent - Joe Ford, while The Edge got dressed into a neurofunk coat by the scene's fathers - Black Sun Empire. Ulterior Motive took care of adding a very smooth atmosphere into Will You Be Mine with Sarah Hezen on the vocals. The best thing for last though - Icicle's classic killer-tune Dreadnaught with SP:MC was remixed by Phace and made up for cheery on top of this EP.

,,Entropy Remixed,, will be released through digital distribution and also as 2x12" vinyl. The release date is 28th July 2015.



Shogun Audio
Name: Icicle - Entropy Remixed
Exclusive Released: 28.07.2015
Catalog number: SHA094

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