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Interview Logistics

12. 11. 2015

Music enthusiast and a legendary Hospital Records star Logistics is visiting Czech Republic on Friday. We grasped this opportunity to ask him a few nosy questions about his future and his past. (author: Zaion)

Hi, how’s it going?

Good, thank you, I've just spent the entire week working on music. I've been doing sixteen to seventeen hour studio sessions which has been really satisfying.


What projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently working towards my next solo album. I've also been in the studio with Nu:Tone again, working on more Nu:Logic material. We've managed to get some really exciting vocalists in, which we can't say much about at this stage but I'm really excited to get the music out there. 


You started releasing tracks nearly fifteen years ago. How has the culture changed since then? 

In so many ways! The internet wasn't nearly as big a force as it is now. Things like dubplate culture were much more prominent back then too. Having said that, the scene is still based around good forward thinking music and people wanting to go out, hear fresh tunes and have a good time.

When talking about Logistics, one name is bound to come up – Nu:Tone. Many people consider your brother's music to be more experimental, more intellectual if you will. While yours is more steppy, more bassy, more “party”. Is it a fair description? 

I think so, although we both cover quite a wide range of styles in our production and there are certain things where we both cross over in terms of what we're into. I think his production has always been more about chord structure whereas I'm really obsessed by hypnotic elements like arpeggios and I definitely lean to the more dancefloor side of drum and bass than he does. 


You have produced a lot of music with Nu:Tone. How would you compare producing on your own to producing with your brother? 

It's just mostly really nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off and especially someone who shares such similar influences. Sometimes I really enjoy having full control in the studio but as time has gone on, I've learnt to appreciate collaborations more, I think they are very healthy in terms of what you learn from them. 


You have also collaborated with other artists. Which collaboration project have you enjoyed the most? 

That's quite a difficult question to answer. I have tonnes of collaborations that have never made it to full release and some of my favourites are those particular tracks. I think the most enjoyable though was writing Morning Light with Nu:Tone for the Nu:Logic album. That track just encapsulates everything we both love about drum and bass and music in general. It also really felt like the perfect balance of both of our styles.


How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in the studio? 

Art is my other big passion so whenever I get the chance I always visit galleries on tour if they are showing the kind of work that I'm interested in. I love travel too. I'm lucky in that I get to travel with my job. Making the time to see a new place is always really rewarding.


Which one of your tracks means the most to you? 

I don't really know actually, I'm still really proud of Slow Motion because it expresses exactly what I want to express in terms of the content. I'll never be happy with the mix on it but beyond that, I'm very proud of the emotional content of the track.

What is your favorite track of all times? 

I change my mind on this all the time but today it's between Curtis Mayfield Move On Up and Eddie Hazel California Dreaming.


You’re current TOP 5? 

Culture Shock – Tangents

Nu:Logic – Watercolours 

Nu:Tone, Logistics and Other Echoes - Strut

Logistics ft Hugh Hardie - Icarus

Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport (Spectrasoul Remix)


What is the most memorable moment you have ever experienced on a party? 

Playing Glastonbury festival this year just gone was incredible, the sun was shining and for anyone that's been to Glastonbury, they'll know that the atmosphere there is really unique. Playing in Tokyo is always a great experience too. I've also had some really great times playing back to back with Nu:Tone where we didn’t plan the sets at all and just try and outdo each other in terms of our selection.


You have performed in Brno a few times before. How do you like it here? 

I wouldn't be coming back if I didn't love it there. I'm mostly looking forward to testing out loads of this new music I have been sitting on. Hopefully there'll be a bit of time to see the place as well before jumping on a plane home. 


What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 

Bison Vodka and Apple Juice. 


What is your favorite horror movie?

I really don't watch many horror movies to be honest with you but Candyman is a classic as is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


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