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Jigsaw - Break The Mould / She Wasn't Ready

14. 03. 2016
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After a lengthy break, E-Motion Records are back with fresh realease from Surrey based duo, Jigsaw! E-Motion Records focus mainly on deep/liquid genre of d&b and their latest release follows the same footpath. 

Break The Mould is introduced by a mysterious melody mixed with strong kicks that evoke the presence of a dark environment. The tune's drop is another feature that draws interest. It's a bit delayed which in combination with a pulsating bassline creates a nice element of surprise.

The second tune She Wasn't Ready sets up a whole different atmosphere. From the very beginning of the tune, we can hear a whispering vocal and strong shakers which, together with lingering baseline, induce intense feelings. 

Both tracks provide an insight of what else E-Motion Records has to come in the following months of 2016.


E-Motion Records
Name: Jigsaw - Break the Mould / She Wasn't Ready
Release date: 28. 2. 2016
Catalog number: EMOTION035

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