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Interview with Villem

21. 03. 2016
Six Beat Under

Were it deep rollers or the purest liquid-funk that Andrew Wilson aka Villem has poured his talent into, his sound has always been orignal and unmistakable. DnBPortal managed to secure an interview with Villem and got him to reveal some exclusive information about his brand new collaboration with Spearhead's BCee.

Hi Andrew, how are you doing? We’ve heard that there is recently a new member of your family. Does being a parent affect your life as a musician in any way?

Yes! Our son has brought new focus on what’s important in life, and inspires me to write more music than ever. Also it means I have less time for watching youtube clips of cats being scared by cucumbers, but such is life!


It has already been few years since your first releases on Ingredients and Utopia. You collaborated with various people over those years and I dare to say your sound has been changing during that time as well. What is the driving force behind these changes? 

I feel collaborating is where I’m most successful, and for each collaboration brings a different person with different ideas and vibes. Whilst I don’t consciously think of creating a particular style, I do head towards similar sounds, which makes all the collaborations somewhat cohesive. 



There is a lot of talk around your new project with BCee. Can you tell us some details about this new collaboration?

I met BCee over at Mcleod’s studio where he went to meet us three and talk us into releasing with him for Spearhead, we didn’t need much convincing as we already knew what a stand up guy he is and also the label is run very well.

From that meeting we started to collaborate once the Riya album was completed. We have a weekly session, fuelled by caffeine and talks of being a Dad, and our objective is to finish a track a week, we have pretty much done that so far!

We wanted to create something new, fresh, exciting and went through a thousand god awful names before coming back to The Vanguard Project, which was one of our first names we thought of. We really like it now, and will be looking to tour once the music gets out there.


The word is that you are to be the new main face of Spearhead Records this year. How did that come to pass?

No one wants my face as their main face, plus BCee’s face is the main face, have you not seen his ‘Come Join Us’ LP artwork, now that’s a main face!



We know you have an EP coming out on Spearhead along with McLeod. Is there anything else from you that we should look forward to this year?

Hoping to get 2 Villem & Mcleod EPs out on Spearhead this year, also 2 EPs as the Vanguard Project. 

A Villem & Phase EP on Metalheadz XX is finished, now waiting for Ant (Metalheadz label head manager) to come back off of his Australasian holiday/work to get release dates sorted!


How did you and McLeod find each each other? From a certain point you two have become almost inseparable, whether it comes to production or your joint podcast series.

We have known each other since school, we met through DJing and Drum & Bass, and had a kindred spirit with styles and taste.


You used to produce a lot of music alongside your brother Fields as Mute. Are you planning to revive this project in the future?

Never say never! Always up for working with Fields


How did you get into music production in the first place?

I loved music, wanted to be involved, was a DJ first, then thought I could do the production game, thinking it sounded easy – I was wrong! It’s the most challenging, yet most rewarding pursuit I’ve done.


What do you like to do when you are not composing music?

I love eating out in restaurants, exploring new foods and tastes never gets boring. One of the most enjoyable aspects of DJing abroad is experience new cultures and foods.

I am huge follower of the UFC and MMA in general, I was a fan of other sports like football, rugby etc but now its all UFC at the moment, by far the most exciting sport out there, and its still new, with different fighting styles emerging as the most successful, only to be turned on its head the next week. We are experiencing the next evolution of the sport, a golden era.


What are your current Top 5 tracks?

Digital & Villem – Sun Bites

The Vanguard Project – Rhode House

Villem & Mcleod – Strange You

Mako & Villem – String Section

Villem & Phase – The Traveller


Have you ever been to Brno or Czech Republic?

I have DJ’d at the Cross Club, Prague and Děčín, and had a great time being shown Prague with the guys, True Bromance.


Do clubs in mainland Europe and UK differ from each other?

Yes different countries have different crowds, and different responses to different styles of music, I would say when I play in Europe is feels more special as you guys have taken the effort to fly me over and treat me well!


What should your fans in Brno expect from your set at Resoulution?

Got a lot of new music to play, remixes, VIPs, music no ones heard apart from the producers who have written them! 



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