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Interview ✖︎ Splash Heads

17. 06. 2016


Serbian neurofunk project Splash Heads consists of two accomplished producers - Treo and Crimsonics. Signature techy bassline and funky flavoured melodies are the main ingredients in their musical production. DnB Portal HQ in collaboration with Mindicted crew managed to snatch a quick interview with the guys before their gig in Czech Republic this friday.



Hello guys, can you please introduce yourselves?

Hello, we are Pedja and Aleksandar. We’re Drum and Bass producers & DJs from Belgrade, Serbia. We are enjoying making and playing music, watching basketball, and just having a good time with occasional hangover from too much Havana Club the night before :)


You guys being from Serbia, what is the DnB scene like in there?

Drum & Bass music in Serbia is not as popular as some other electronic music genres, but things are getting a lot better lately. Hopefully one day we will also have some sort of Serbian “Let it Roll” festival.


What is the story behind your project? And how did you get to release on Eatbrain?

We actually met on a Serbian DnB online forum. We were still doing our own things at the time, Aleksandar as Treo, and me as a Crimsonix. For few years we were making plans for collab, exchanging ideas etc. When we finished our first track, we decided to make music together under one name - Splash Heads.

Getting our tracks signed for Eatbrain’s “Mirror Universe” compilation came pretty naturally. We sent the tracks to Jade, he liked them and that’s about it.



You have released two tracks on Eatbrain VA album Mirror Universe. What other releases are forthcoming?

We’ve done a few collabs already, but right now we are focusing on making and polishing the songs for our first EP.


Can you describe your beginnings with DnB? Did you do your own parties, or you’re just producers/djs?

We started mainly as producers. After getting some exposure and general positive feedback by appearing on Eatbrain’s Mirror Universe compilation, we started making good relationships with international and local promoters.


Treo, you’ve played in Czech Republic a few times before. How did you enjoy that?

It was epic every single time. Really looking forward to play again. Better get ready for some new dancefloor bangers directly from Splash Heads kitchen :)



What was the first tune that got you into DnB?

There are a lot of tracks that have inspired us to make DnB music. But today I guess we will pick “Moving Fusion – Turbulence”.


What kind of music did you listen to, when you were 15 years old?

Pretty much everything from Punk Rock to Hip Hop :) 



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