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Interview ✖︎ Dephzac

04. 07. 2016
Six Beat Under

Dephzac is the owner of Dephrecords label, producer, DJ and a veteran of Slovakian Drum & Bass scene. DnB Portal managed to get in touch with him thanks to little help from Liquidators crew and ask him a few questions about his life as a musician.



Hi Radoslav, how are you doing? Any plans for a festival season or are you rather going to spend the summer with your family?

Hi, I am great, thanks for asking. I am always looking forward to festival season and summer. I am definitely going to some open air festivals in Slovakia, for example Kolonky Open Air and Soldik and I am not even trying to count the club parties. I am also trying to spend as much time with my son and family as possible.


How is your production going lately? Can we expect any new releases?

Production is not my main source of income therefore I am working as any other human being. Because of that there is not as much time for production as I would like to have, but it's definitely happening. There is liquid EP called Home forthcoming on Dephrecords, with my collaboration with producer iBstract or Fedora, also known as the main vocalist of Chris-Su. The sister label DPH:LTD also released mainstreamish Subwave EP in June, which contained my track and also a track by another Slovakian producer, Subtension.



It is well known that you are the owner od Dephrecords label. Can we expect any releases from you?

Dephrecords is going in its direction and always will surprise by its broad view on music. We are going to release 5 more EPs till the end of the year and they are going to be very wide-ranging. Regarding DPH:LTD, we are planing to release a lot of dancefloor-heavy singles and the only thing I can tell you is that there are going to be a lot of well know producers involved. 


One more question about your record label. Are you trying to search for new talents or do you rather support well known producers?

I am receiving a lot of demo tracks from unknown and interesting producers from all around the world into my mailbox and it is very hard to pick just a few and support them. Everyone is specific and unique by their talent. And there is also a group of producers, who make just one very good track and then disappear which makes me a bit sad to be honest. To wrap it up, I am trying to support new talents and of course I sometimes give space to well-known producers.


You are one of the pioneers of DnB in Slovakia. Do you like the way it has evolved?

I am very happy, that I stumble upon more and more high-quality producers in Slovakia recently. I think that there is strong generation of DnB producers growing up recently. It is of course because of technology, which eases the track making process a lot. But my opinion is that a sound generated by computer is always good to mix up with some old analog sound.


You are going to play alongside the trumpeter Fishboun at the latest instalment of Broken Orchestra party in Brno. Have you ever had the opportunity to play with a live musician?

I am really looking forward to this party, because I will have an opportunity to play with a live instrument once again after a very long time. I have an experience with playing alongside live instruments, because I was former member of the Electrofunkyz project, where we played in a line-up with turntables, sampler, efector, guitar, keys and vocalist. I always enjoyed playing alongside another instruments, because you can experiment a lot and find musical kombinations where you just smile at each other and you know that's the ultimate jam. Music is an universal language.




Apart from being a musican you are a father as well. Are there situations, when these two things collide with each other? 

I am trying to make these two things work together but I will rather say NO to a promoter than to my son. My son has currently other priorities than music so I am not trying to force him into it either. He has to find its own musical way, but I know he likes music very much and we have a track in-progress, which we are working together on. We will finish it some day.


How do you spend your free time if we are not talking about music?

If there is a way I am always trying to go outside. Preferably into forest or to go swimming. If am not sitting behind my computer I am outside, does not matter where, if there are at least some trees. Anyway, if there is someone who would like to play tennis with me, just send me a message. I have no one to play with in Brno!


Do you have any last message for our readers and your fans?


Thank you to everybody who goes our parties. We are nothing without you.




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