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DJ SS & Warren G - Nothing Hollow

09. 07. 2016
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The DnB Portal team joined powers with the mighty MC Kryptomedic who in his first piece took a closer look DJ SS and Warren G's latest release Nothing Hollow.

It's just before 8 in the evening as I sit down with the latest Promos ready to take a listen and write a bit, my roommates are all heading out, I've a drink at the ready and a tight bowl freshly packed. Perfect conditions for listening…

Wait, I haven't introduced myself at all, or would it be absurd to assume some of you might know me already? In any case I do feel as it is my first time writing for the Portal that it would only be fair to formally introduce myself. My name is Mike and I am a Drum and Bass fanatic currently living in Munich. I MC for such labels as Eatbrain and Blackout and tour all over Europe and abroad doing events and festivals with everyone in the industry. I love this music and I can't help it, since the first event I went to I have been completely hooked. So now that this is out of the way... let us dive in.



First up I have here DJ SS & MC Warren G

As I start Nothing Hollow out it is hard not to catch the vibe right away, MC Warren G comes with a classic style and voice while the actual beat dives in to a Jungle vibe mixed with the high production value and deep vibe today's music and fans thrive on. It's pushing, it's deep, its fun, I dig this one. 



Following it up with Walk Through the Valley MC Warren G totally takes over and makes himself the center piece as he sings out his lyrics during the intro as it leads from Reggae and the roots straight in to the drop. Quite an appropriate time to light one. Bang the head back and forth and exhale as the tune continues and Warren tells us to “Spread the love”. Reach For the Stars then rounds out the release with a bit more bang for the buck. 


Name: DJ SS & Warren G - Nothing Hollow
Release date: 24/06/2016
Catalog number: FORM12185D

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