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Trei feat. The Upbeats - Tonto / Shangri-La

20. 07. 2016
New Releases

New Zeland producers Trevor Linnell aka Trei and Jeremy Glenn with Dylan Jones or as they are better known The Upbeats have teamed up and prepared an interesting release fo Drum and Bass music lovers! The two-track EP has been released on Viper Recordings - a label that needs no introduction... but then neither do the artists who stand behind the release themselves!



It was released in the middle of June and for those of our readers who like to categorize music production, it could more or less be described as mainstream Drum & Bass.

The track Tonto has quite an unorthodox beat for Drum and Bass music. It's main bassline is powered also pretty unusually by a guitar riff which has it's impact not only on the bassline itself but also on the composition and sound which makes this track even more interesting.

On the other hand, Shangri-La  has quite typical beat. However every other aspect of this track builds up a feeling that everything is somehow escalating. The result is an ubiquitous feeling that there is something happening in every second of this track.


Viper Recordings website - https://www.viperrecordings.co.uk/news/11495/trei-feat-the-upbeats-tonto-shangri-la-vpr090



Viper Recordings
Release date: 17.6.2016
Catalog number: VPR090

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