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Rockman - The Machine / Aliens from Kratom

23. 07. 2016
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Formation Records might not be that kind of a label that is being discussed on every other corner. The truth is however that through its 26 year-long existence this label released a heap of quality releases that are more than worthy of attention. Nothing suggests that they should stray from that path in the near future either. To prove this we need not look any further than their latest release provided by a Columbian DJ and producer Rockman that currently resides in New York.



Rockman’s production is very colourful and energetic. He combines and creates fusion between various genres, ranging from 8bit music all the way to electro. One never knows what to expect from him, really and he is not afraid to incorporate his own guitar riffs into his music either.



The title track of the release, The Machine lures the listener with an atmospheric intro that gets eventually joined by an electric guitar riff. What follows is a massive drop that unleashes into Drum & Bass rhythm and will at one point even transform into kind of a wobbled up half-step that will take your ears on a trip through the wormhole.

On the other side of the reocord, Aliens From Kratom offers a much more relaxed and ligh mooded experience, which on the other side sure does not lack a certain energy. An atmospheric intro gets spiced up with a straight beat that leads into into yet another big drop infused with warm summer vibes.



The whole release concludes with a VIP of an older piece called Snow Walk, taken from an EP of the same name that came out on Formation Records last year. The track clearly leans to the more minimal side of DnB which makes it the most subtle of the three tracks on this EP.

The Machine is a very interesting release that yet again proves that there is lot expect from Formation as well as Rockman in the future.


Name: Rockman - The Machine / Aliens from Kratom
Release date: 22/7/2016
Catalog number: FORM12187

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