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Krakota - Strange System

05. 08. 2016
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The English producer Sebastian Inwood aka Krakota has been preparing the ground for his debut album for a while now. In 2014 he introduced himself in compilation We Are 18 of London based Hospital Records imprint with two tracks - Everything Changes and Spin The Bottle. After that Krakota has signed exclusively to Hospital and released three more EP's Xylo / IrregularIce Hands / Ghosts and Citadels, where he has shown that he is a highly unpredictable artist, able to serve sweet treats of sounds from different areas of Drum&Bass. And finally in the middle of warm summer comes his fresh new album, Strange System.



Don't expect no cold shower though. Krakota continues to deploy his unique dancefloor-heavy sound. Strange system will make clubs come alive and lift the crowd even at 5 in the morning. This album is clear evidence, that Krakota is full of surprises and definitely able to satisfy even the most demanding of listeners.

For lighter and more sensitive beat lovers the tracks Colour The Past with Karinou Ramage and Samphire are like tailor-made. On the other hand dense basslines and attacks of rhythmic sound elements enthusiasts will be pleased with tracks like Weirdos & Creepers or Sea Air. The track Powder Coated then sees Krakota in collaboration with London Elektricity. The combination of these two producers brought an energetic and crisp track. Anyway, enough talking, time to head to the store and try out for yourself what track will be the most to your liking!





Hospital Records
Name: Krakota - Strange System
Release date: 29.07.2016
Catalog number: NHS293

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