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Maztek - Grinder EP

24. 08. 2016
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For five years they have been supplying us with quality music and their musical fame is ascending in warp speed. The music that comes out through this DnB powerhouse is hard, uncompromising and has only one purpose - to attack our very brains. Who are we talking about? Eatbrain music of course! This time they joined forces with Italian musical magician Maztek and together they aim to serve us a lethal dose of neurofunk in the form of their latest Grinder EP.



The first track that gave the name to the whole release tells us enough to predict the direction this release will be going. It all begins with a an escalating intro that leads into a rather slow but very powerful drop that features a massive mid-bass and plenty of stabs.


The next piece is a mighty collab that sees Maztek cooperating with a famous Dutch duo that releases under RAM Records, June Miller. Their signature sound can be heard from the very beginning of the track when the mysterious intro gets blown away with a breakdown followed by a drop so very typical for these two guys. This track is also dominated by stabs more than anything, but it feels much more lively than the previous one.


Maztek called for a backup on the third track of the release as well, this time though we can see him collaborating with an English songwriter and vocalist Leah Vee, whose voice accompanies the listener through the whole tune. With a certain portion of overstatement we can call this piece a bit more relaxed, even though the dark atmosphere that is ever present won’t let your ears rest that easy either.


Maztek’s second solo track called Tangle is not too fast-paced either. That all gets sort of compensated by a massive drop with a distinctive synth and woofy stabs, that pierce straight through the listener’s brain cells.


The last track was taken care of by a UK based duo Mob Tactics who are on the remix duty of Maztek’s older tune Stompin’ from his album Three Point Zero. What really stands out here is a perfectly orchestrated intro in which the boys decided to fuse electronic music with classical instruments. What follows is a rapid and characteristic Mob Tactics drop that is likely to drive people insane when played on the right sound system.


All that can be said to conclude this article is that Eatbrain once again strikes a bulleye with this EP and raises the bar even higher for any future releases.



Name: Maztek - Grinder EP
Release date: 29/8/2016
Exclusive Released: 15/8/2016
Catalog number: EATBRAIN029

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