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War - Invisible EP

26. 08. 2016
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Being authentic and finding the essence. If these are the qualities that War, who currently resides in Bristol, has aimed to showcase when creating his Invisible EP, a second release on Methlab's BNKR, he certainly has succeeded.



From a creative standpoint, it is no easy task. Especially when we're talking about Drum&bass, a genre with a long and rich history, spread in many forms. To refer to the key features that define the genre itself and form them into four 6 to 8 minutes long tracks is a ambitious undertaking. In contrast with all the hi-tech production, which rules in the world of 170 bpm electronica nowadays, it may initially seem that Invisible EP sounds like a classical techy D&B act, but with deeper insight we can find a distinctive sound progress, targeted at a discerning listener.

War pays homage to the traditional sounds of genre, since the days when it was still called jungle, however, is not limited to the cliché. The EP clearly belongs to the year 2016. The sound design is correspondingly good - the foundation of analog feeling that hides the richness of the artist's creativity, enhanced by possibilities of contemporary tools.




The highlight of War's Invisible EP is a track that bears the same name as the whole release. Abounding depth is absorbing; coated with a subtle atmosphere and pads floating on the waves of artfully arranged breaks. The track is brilliant - at no point can you get bored with it. It is very comprehensive, while moderate and exact.

Snow Blind and Hundred Lights shere the same depth, however they have offer much more of a dancefloor potential. In truth, techy and deep rollers hardly ever disappoint. Brisker beat in this case does not mean the loss of creativity and ideas and tracks are assembled with great care and attention to detail. Djrum's pilot remix of Invisible finishes the picture of an incredibly colourful and fresh release, grinding into much slower waters and taking major inspiration in techno. Suprisingly it fits the concept of EP perfectly, offering a fresh perspective from the "other side" and has the potential to broaden the music horizons of conventional Drum&bass fan.

Bottom line - this EP is a big surprise, bringing some fresh wind into the world of 170 bpm, bringing back the best of the good old days and worthy of full recommendation.



Name: War - Invisible EP
Release date: 05/08/2016
Catalog number: BNKR002

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