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Utah Jazz - The Music Factory

29. 08. 2016
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Bcee’s Spearhead Records gives us the very first taste of Utah Jazz’s forthcoming album The Music Factory. The sampler came out a few days ago and features two original tracks and one remix by The Vanguard Project that will please the ears of every liquid and jazzy Drum&Bass lover.



The name of the man behind the Utah Jazz project is Luke Wilson. Having already released 5 studio albums and a heap of singles he is considered to be one of the veterans of the D&B scene. His career as a DJ started back in 90’s under the influence of LTJ Buckem and Alex Reece. The breakthrough came in 2008, when Luke released his first album called It´s a Jazz Thing, which ended up second in Mixmag’s D&B album of that year competition. The first album was followed shortly after by a second one called Vintage, which was well received by critics as well as the broad Drum&bass community.

After that, Utah Jazz released another 3 studio albums, which kept up the high quality of his music that everyone became used to. Back in present day - his 6th album is coming out this fall on Spearhead Records and judging from the sampler, there's no doubt, that it will be full of the purest quality liquid and jazzy DnB.

The first track Mile High Club sees MC Fava contributing with his vocals and is held together by a joyful rhythm of a guitar accompanied by a piano part. The main upbeat part of the track is followed by a melancholic breakdown which offers a unique fusion of the two moods inside one track. Mile High Club definitely confirmed Utah Jazz’s producer qualities and fully deserves the position of a theme track on the LP sampler.



Following track called Growth Comes is a melancholic combination of piano and strings, which get supported on the background by a male vocal part. The track builds on high quality percussions more than anthing and it is an interesting alternative to the theme track Mile High Club.



The third track, entitled Love Everlasting is without a doubt a highlight of the whole EP. The Vanguard Project, aka BCee and Villem got on the remix duty here and what they have created is is a unique combination of jazz, funk and liquid dnb, that will earn the love of every true liquid-funk fan. The melodic parts of the track are supported by an awesome bass-line, making it an ideal song of choice for warming up the dancefloor.




Bottom line, The Music Factory confirms Utah Jazz’s mastery when it comes to jazzy and soulful broken beats and at the same time only prooves BCee’s good ear for picking out songs, which fit perfectly into the concept of Spearhead Music. All that's left to do is hold tight until the 2nd of September when the whole album get released into the world!


by Fish 



Spearhead Records
Name: Utah Jazz - The Music Factory (album sampler)
Release date: 26/8/2016
Catalog number: SPEARLTD026

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