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✖︎ Q&A ✖︎ → Six Blade, A.M.C & Ayah Marar - Hardest To Love

04. 09. 2016
Instead of doing a review for the latest Viper Recordings release Mike Kryptomedic brings us an unique interview with the authors themselves. The Viper-signed duo Six Blade and Titan Recordings boss A.M.C himself. (e.n.)

2016 has been a giant year for Drum & Bass all around, and though it seems that we could say that every year, these days it's true! All year we have been kept in a streamline of vibes with labels and artists thriving all over the globe, and even for myself, it has been one of the best years I can remember, being a long time fan as well as an artist.

This year marked my third year at the world's largest Drum and Bass Festival aka Let It Roll as well as having the chance beforehand to speak at the Beats Evolution Conference (the world's first drum and bass music conference). What an experience! Surely anyone who was there for these events would agree that they are two of the greatest celebrations of the genre in existence today. A coming together of countless artists and people working in the industry. For me it has become a bit of a family reunion and something I hold dear in my heart...the best time, with the best music, surrounded by the best people.... it's just perfect. 

One of the highlights for me was a random dinner I shared with the Viper team. We were all in the same hotel after the BEC and across the hall from me was A.M.C who through touring and time in the scene together has become a friend over the years. Alex invited me to come downstairs and grab a drink and so we both headed down to the bar where we bumped into Futurebound, along with Trei and basically the entire Viper crew, who were all in good spirits. We shared in laughs and stories, and beers and food...and this group could not be a nicer, warmer, funner crew, I can tell you that. I had no idea what to expect when I sat down with everyone but I walked away a bigger fan of Viper than I ever had been. 

Saturday night came along and the label hosted the Factory Stage where they simply tore it down! After seeing this night at LIR, spending time with the crew at dinner after BEC, and watching the live stream of their Summer Slammer's Launch Party from my flat in Munich, I wanted to take a look at one of Viper's latest releases from Six Blade, A.M.C and Ayah Marar entitled Hardest To Love / Ova Dose. Since we are all friends here I thought to be fair to the reader I would rather skip my review and replace that with a small Q&A with the boys.



Interview w/ Six Blade


With the latest release coming with A.M.C, the man behind Titan, a label where you guys featured your first release, is working with friends directly a plus or do you find it can sometimes backfire?

We’ve only ever had positive outcomes from working with friends. I think when you’re friends with the guys you’re making a track with, everything is a bit more relaxed and you feel comfortable telling them what they’ve just made sounds terrible. The whole process is a lot more honest.


With the names of A.M.C and Ayah Marar attached on this release, can you guys give some insight into the actual collaboration process on this project?

Whenever there’s a lack of inspiration in the studio, I always go running to Alex for projects that he’s started and never finished and that’s exactly what happened with this time. He sent me over a couple of projects and I was really feeling the vibe on Hardest To Love so Mike and I started working on it. Once we’d completed the arrangement we fired it back over to Alex. Alex is good friends with Ayah, so when we started discussing potential vocalists for it, her name came up straight away and he gave her a call. We fired the track over and fortunately for us, she really like it. Ayah and her engineer, nailed the recording and when it got sent back to us, we didn’t really have to do anything to it. We mixed the vocals with track, finished up the arrangement and that was pretty much it!


With steady releases and guest mixes left and right you guys seem quite motivated. What are you working on at the moment?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a string of releases, so it’s nice to be getting our name out there again. We’ve just finished a remix for an American EDM label, that will hopefully be out over the next couple of months and then we’re going to try and push for another single before the years out, but if not, definitely early 2017. I think we’d like to push for an ep in 2017 as well as in been ages since our last one.



Interview w/ A.M.C


When working with artists like Six Blade, is it an obvious straight to Viper move or are there moments where the inner label head in you would perhaps like to swing a tune over to Titan?

When we start a track usually it tends to go to Viper as Six Blade are exclusively signed to them. However myself and Titan have a very good relationship with Brendan (Futurebound) and Viper so if we want something to go on Titan it's never a problem. It's a rare thing to have if I’m honest but its testament to why the Drum&Bass industry is better than other musical genres. 


A lot of DJs/Producers these days are starting up their own collaboration ventures with this in mind. Do you look to use collaborations and releases on other labels as a place to experiment with your sounds or would you say that it's better to save for your own label?

I’d say I always put 100% into every track so its never a case of experimenting. Every time I work with a different artist it brings something new to the table. I’m a firm believer of putting your all into the brand you own or represent so the majority of the music I make will be released on Titan. However working with other labels such as Viper is never a problem because we're all good mates who have the same ethics when it comes to selling music. 


Ayah Marar, perhaps one of the most successful female vocalists ever, how important do you feel it is that it is her voice on the track? Was this a collaboration based in the everyday motion of life, or was it perhaps suggested by label heads?

There was no real marketing or PR plan behind getting Ayah involved in Hardest To Love. Ayah is a good friend of mine and a very hard worker in the industry so when I sent her the track she came up with these brilliant lyrics and of course her delivery of the vocal on the track is what makes her stand out from the rest.



Viper Recordings
Name: Six Blade & A.M.C feat. Ayah Marar - Hardest To Love / Ova Dose
Release date: 12/8/2016
Catalog number: VPR092

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