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DJ SS presents: Formation Sounds of the Summer Vol. 1

07. 09. 2016
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Even though the summer is about to end, there's no need to despair. The new compilation on legendary Formation Records is definitely going to drag you right back to sundrenched beaches! The label has been running since 1989 and so far it has almost 300 releases on its back catalogue. In the first decade, under the influence of its founder, DJ SS, the label turned its attention mainly to jungle and hardcore jungle. Nevertheless, this compilation is focused mainly on the smoother and more tranquil side of Drum&bass.



The compilation consists mainly of cheerful and touching deep tunes produced by artists from all around the world. As Formations Records say themselves – the main purpose of this release is to bring smile on your face and add some chill factor to your day. The compilation has been influenced strongly by DJ SS himself since he contributed to 11 out of 30 tunes. 

The compilation is filled with diversity. On one side there are melancholic tunes with emotional vocals like Forgive Me Lord which is the first of the three free downloads that this compilation offers. The opening carries itself on quite a long intro smoothened out with vocals that intensify the whole tune and create the whole atmospheric foundation. Nevertheless the drop is quite punchy and the vibe is harder than you might assume from the intro.

As the title of the whole release suggests there are countless summer themed tunes with the main representative being the atmospheric delight Particle by High Roll, vocal New Jazz by DJ SS & Greenlaw or the second free download of the compilation, Clear Skies by Pish Posh. feat Lullaby. But the it's not all about the summer vibes! There are tunes of a bit harder character too like Ruk Wit by Mad Vibes or Dreams by AnnGree feat. DJ SS. It's also worht of mentioning that the compilation did not forget about the origins of Formation Records and listed a few jungle rollers like Ben Sage feat. Shannon Swain - Let Me Down (Subsonik Redux) as well.



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Name: Formation Sounds of the Summer vol.1
Release date: 16/09/16
Catalog number: FORMLP020D


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