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Rawtekk - Reloaded, Pt. 1

14. 09. 2016
New Releases

Rawtekk have reworked their past projects on the new Reloaded Pt. 1 album, taking the timeless ideas of their older tracks, evolving them and bringing them firmly into the present, sounding fresher than ever.

Stefan and Christine Westphal, better known under the pseudonym Rawtekk are a couple from Hamburg and a producer a duo, which focuses largely on experimental form of Drum&Bass, often infused with elements of dubstep or minimal techno. This year, they released their second album, entitled Here's To Them on MedSchool, showcasing in all it's beauty their unique producer style and songwriter skills.



In their latest release they focused on their old tracks and polished them with new ideas, sounds, atmosphere and especially music quality, that brought the tracks to an entirely new level. The album is called Reloaded Pt. 1 and got released on September 9th. It contains eleven rejuvenated older pieces, showcasing Rawtekk's classic breakbeat skills and ranging from truly vigorous Drum&Bass to more "straightened" beats in the rhythm of techno.



With every new release Rawtekk show us, why it's definitely worth it to find a minute and listen this producer duo. The new album will not only thrill all fans of Rawtekk, but certainly all lovers of electronic music.




MethLab Recordings
Name: Rawtekk - Reloaded Pt. 1
Release date: 09.09.2016
Catalog number: MLR001

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