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Interview: Zardonic - Therapy Sessions X CZ

16. 09. 2016

The 10th edition of Therapy Sessions in České Budějovice is nearly here! To tease you for one of the hardest parties in the world, it's authors decided to prepare a special interview with Zardonic, who will be headlining the current session!

Listen to Zardonic’s exclusive mix for Therapy Sessions CZ vol. X!

  •  Hello Zardonic, are you looking forward to celebrate 10 years of Therapy Sessions Czech Republic with us?
  • I can't wait!! Therapy Sessions is a brand I've personally been involved with for so long, and even though I'm not part of the Anger Management roster, to me they are family. They trusted me in previous years to bear their banner in the first Therapy Sessions events that were held in South America. I like what they do, they like what I do, so I scratch their back and they scratch mine. Plus you have to remember Robyn Chaos was responsible for the iconic vocals in the classic "Revolution". That track wouldn't have been anything without her, so I have a lot to thank them for. On top of that, it's not a secret right now Czech Republic is probably the best market for Zardonic at the moment thanks to the hard work of the Beats For Love team and their excellent PR. I can't complain. It will be an amazing night!

  • How is your world tour doing so far?

  • So far so good! Canary Islands was such an amazing experience and the shows in Portugal are ALWAYS crazy. The Portuguese love their hardcore like no other country! Then you've got the amazing Dub Elements & Friends festival which I'm extremely proud to be a part of because I've known Dub Elements since their very beginnings. Those guys grew to become probably not only the standard DNB reference from Spain, but probably one of the top electronic music acts of the country. Impeccable marketing and PR everyone could learn a thing or two from. Then there's Baroeg Open Air with my man Justin Counterstrike, Bong-Ra and so many legendary metal and punk bands! Fucking Caliban, Discharge and Arkona?? I hope they won't be playing at the same time I will because I want to check them out.

    And then... there's Loud Park 2016 which is probably the biggest achievement of my career, just right before I land in Czech Republic for Therapy Sessions. I think I'm going to make Czech Republic my temporary home during this leg of the tour. It's no secret I love Prague!

    Zardonic Therapy Session 2016
  • Tell us about your music. What are you mostly excited about at the moment, what's in store for the next few months?
  • I am extremely packed with studio work producing for several artists in the United States, and the next Zardonic album is also in the plans. I was actually supposed to have it finished before this tour but things are getting so hectic I might have to wait a minute. I don't want this to just be another album, you know? Zardonic is starting to become something way more serious, way more than your usual dance music project. So I want to think things through and make sure I deliver my best. Topping "Antihero" is a challenge. It's my best selling record so far. It's also confusing the hell out of the new fans LOL. They're not sure if they're listening to a DJ, a band, a guy that mashed up a bunch of samples, and then they're surprised when I tell them I'm the one singing, the guitars are plugins made in FL Studio and the lead guitars were composed and played by Venezuelan virtuoso Tadeo Díaz. It really is more like a band. I just still prefer the DJ set mode for the time being, but I do believe Zardonic will have to become a live act sooner than later.

  • What do you like about the Czech Republic both in terms of gigs and as a visitor from foreign country?

  • Czech Republic has the best DNB scene in the entire world right now. There's no doubt about that. There's a place for every artist, every style, every genre. And I think that's healthy. Variety spices things up. It's also extremely cheap and way more beautiful than most other places I've seen in Europe. Prague has to be the most epic city I've ever been in. Every city has its charm, of course, but Prague has something that has made me consider moving in and setting up shop for good. I have to sort a lot of things in my personal life at the moment before taking such a huge step, but who knows. Maybe Czech Republic will be my home in the future. After all, being born and raised in Venezuela where Diplomático Rum is made, I think I can be happy living in a country that loves good rum!

  • Explain us the idea of your costume, what's the philosophy behind that?

  • Several things. First of all, the mask is a way to empower myself. I believe masks can play a key role in helping people overcome their fears and issues the same way we are affected by the way we dress. We forget about how important that can be, not just because of the way you're perceived, but the way you act. The mask to me represents absolute fearlessness and power. It's unstoppable. I don't care what anyone will tell me, I will spend my entire life until Zardonic becomes the most iconic project to ever grace the history of Electronic Dance Music. To some it might aswell already be, but my ambitions surpass anything you could imagine. 

    As for the entire costume, well, because I think wearing a mask and not wearing the entire suit that goes with it just looks fucking dumb. It makes absolutely no sense to put a mask on and going out to play in a tank. I take myself very seriously and I'm incarnating a character, not playing Halloween.

    Zardonic Therapy Session 2016
  • Define yourself - Zardonic - in one sentence.

  • Fearless and unstoppable.

  • Therapy Sessions is one of the hardest D&B events out there, will you take that in consideration while preparing your set?

  • Did you forget you're talking to Zardonic? ;)

  • What should the fans expect from you at the party and what message do you have for them?

  • I'm coming to remind you of the power you have inside. Those disturbed by any burdens, come to the show. I will cleanse your souls from all suffering and unleash the beast you have within. It's time for REVOLUTION!

  • Many thanks for your answers, can't wait! See you on 14th October in České Budějovice!

  • See you very soon my man!

Zardonic Therapy Session 2016 Cooh Gancher & Ruin Robin Chaos

Get more information about the event at www.therapysessions.cz

Zardonic was interviewed for Therapy Sessions CZ by Hanzall.



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