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Mob Tactics - Body Check EP

21. 09. 2016
New Releases
The Mob Tactics duo from Viper Recordings is striking back with brand new EP and it's worh it again!

Six years already passed since Mark Sims joined forces with Luke Bugden and formed the Mob Tactics project. Their specific production became so popular that it led them to gain an exclusive signature under Futurebound's infamous Viper Recordings label in 2015. And the time has come now to look at their third solo release on this label. Yes, we are talking about their fresh EP Body Check which consists of four very interesting tunes. 



Already the title track will give you that typical Mob Tactics sound that works like a flashback to the 90's raves from the era of its massively increasing popularity. After tension inducing intro and breakdown comes a heavyweight drop enriched by the already mentioned heavy rave music elements.



After the first tune which is one of the more nimble ones comes a minimal influenced piece Dot Matrix. It is the most peaceful track to be found on this EP. It brings the nice feeling of serenity from the very first second and it becomes even more elevated when the wonderful vocals join the harmony.

Now Is The Time is the title of the third track which comes with slick, atmospheric intro full of instrumental music and female vocals escalating to a drop, showing that it will be a piece with softer character.




The quaternion is topped by Jabberwocky - a tune which wont let any raver to rest even for a second. Even the intro with breakdown are proving that something massive is coming. And it is true! Rave-filled drop will make you want to skank around till your body tears apart until the next dropdown will let you cool down for a bit.

Body Check EP is thanks to its diversity one of the releases with big potential to impact wide spectrum of fans who wont make a mistake by buying it. Now we can only wait and hope for the Mob Tactics to decide to release their debut LP which might be worth it for sure.



Viper Recordings
Name: Body Check EP
Release date: 09/09/2016
Catalog number: VPR094

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