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Original Sin - Red Mist

05. 10. 2016
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As a Red Mist slowly descends on the dance floor, the lights dim down and the energy starts to rise causing ravers' limbs to wreak havoc and pandemonium with no control. Original Sin's new EP is here!



Original Sin (one half of the infamous Generation Dub) drops his debut release Red Mist EP on the Viper Recordings imprint. From years of being one of the scenes top producers this release showcases his style as a front runner still in the ever evolving sound of Drum & Bass.

The introduction is subtly synth based with a strong background & eerie atmosphere before a breakdown that can only be described as naughty. An evil voice speaks through a slowly progressive bleep before all hell breaks lose. Once proceedings have begun a humming bassline with a bouncy melody layered over take over and ride this straight into the hearts of listeners with one plan. A plan of all out warfare.


Author: Ian Gallant



Viper Recordings
Name: Original Sin - Red Mist EP
Release date: 14/10/2016
Exclusive Released: 16/09/2016 (Beatport Exclusive)
Catalog number: VPR094

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