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Dossa & Locuzzed – Dance / Shag

07. 10. 2016
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Telephone rings and a woman answers to hear her son on the other end; “Hey Mom, I signed exclusively to Viper Recordings Today” … mother's head explodes.

Ok... maybe not exactly how it happens but what it must be like right? Drum and Bass heads know!

Mike Kryptomedic is back on track with a review a the latest Viper Recordings release!



Viper Recordings stands as one of the most recognizable names in the game today. With artists like Bmotion, Brookes Brothers, Smooth, Trei, Inside Info, Koven, and more, the list goes on and on without a single weak link in the bunch.  All backed by label owner and founder Futurebound and Matrix.

If you were to go on the label's website and check their artist roster, as a fan of drum and bass you might easily recognize every face and name with perhaps only the exception of one. Go ahead and click the page. Are you there yet? If you look directly below Bmotion and above Koven...yea right there, next to Futurebound himself even, there you will see two young lads under the name of Dossa & Locuzzed. These are two names that if you are not yet aware of you are surely soon to be! Having signed exclusively to Viper in April and smashed the scene with their first single 'Only Way / Electric' the duo is ready to drop another one on us...



Dance – Hitting us right off the bat with vibes that could lead into a liquid track but are quickly followed up by an intense fury as the tune quickly takes its name and makes it proud... Dance is just that, perfectly titled as everything from the synths, and drums to the bass and vocal samples combine to form a true dance floor feeling. 

Shag – a tasty treat as a B Side, this tune, with its lead and accompanying bassline pushes. Be ready to bob your head as you go on in this one, and who knows, playing live? I could well see the crowd singing the lead along as we all do with many songs currently getting dropped these days...either way check out Dance/Shag from Dossa & Locuzzed and get familiar with the lads who we are sure to hear much more from!




Viper Recordings
Name: Dossa & Locuzzed - Dance / Shag
Release date: 30/11/2016
Catalog number: VPR096

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