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Frederic Robinson - Flea Waltz

24. 10. 2016
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It is time to take a break for a moment and listen to some fresh new relaxing beats by Frederic Robinson on his second studio album entitled Flea Waltz.

Throughout the year of 2016 there was a whole heap of great Drum&Bass albums. Most of them, however, revolving around heavy hitting neurofunk sound or at least heavily influenced by harder D&B subgenres. Whether it was the long-awaited Noisia's Outer Edges album, Misanthrop's first LP, Rawtekk's remastered double-album Reloaded or the burning neurofunk shot Karate by L33 - all of these ending up as very successful releases and filling our heads for months to come.

And out of nowhere, straight into this rockhard world Frederic Robinson decided to release his second studio album. The highly talented Swiss producer from Basel introduced himself in a big fashion three years ago with his debut album Mixed Signals on Blur Mar Ten Music. It was this release gave life to a new star on the more experimental side of the scene named Frederic Robinson.



His second album got the name Flea Waltz and is scheduled to release on October 28th on Med School. And just like in the case of Frederick's first album it would be wise not to expect a pure Drum&Bass experience. "Why should this album interest me then?" a D&B head might ask. Well mainly because of its musical quality!

Minimalistic music served by Frederic Robinson is permeated by piano parts, gentle riffs of various musical instruments and smooth beats. It is all neatly stacked in tight structure, which, when it comes to composition, bears many similarities with movie soundtracks or classical pieces of traditional composers. Frederic Robinson puts before us such a perfectly balanced album, full of chilled tracks filled with emotions and feelings to the last note. So if you ever feel like you want to relax from the damp weather and bustle of the street in company of soothing beats that will stir your soul, Frederic Robinson's new album is the thing you seek!




Name: Frederic Robinson - Flea Waltz
Release date: 28.10.2016
Catalog number: MEDIC63

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