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Hate Device - This Time EP

07. 11. 2016
New Releases
Invasion Alert. Liquid funk artist Hate Device drops the second EP of Russian based label Invasion Recordings. With deep bassline and mesmerising vocals, the ‘This Time’ EP captivates all things liquid. We review the new EP and catch up with the label as a whole. 

In Sobinka, a small town in Russia, originates dynamic DnB label Invasion Recordings. Being relatively fresh to the scene, Invasion have occupied a range of different sounds which falls parallel to their stance as a multi sub-genre label.

We caught up with it's founder Dexter to contextualise the label's position within an ever evolving & growing genre.



What was the DnB scene like in Russia back in 2007 when your interest in production and promotion began? 

For Russia in 2007, DnB was in its infancy with the majority of tracks being played and spread through the radio, notably the Megapolis FM show "Storm", by DJ Groove and Dan. They played a wide range of jungle and drum & bass music (mostly foreign) which naturally brought more foreign artists to the party. I believe their support & promotion of DnB led to the popularization of the genre in Russia. Following this many DnB producers began to release their tracks on popular foreign labels.

I would say that our sound is different from the foreign musicians. But that's my personal opinion.


What led you to pursue DnB from a production perspective?

In 2007, I began working with various sequencers and exploring the process of writing music further. There was a lot of experimentation, a lot of projects, but overall the best thing for me was DnB, which is probably because it was the genre I listened to most.


Interesting, that said, what would you say you listened to mostly? 

I mostly listened to the early work by Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Konflict, Phace


So, what changed in 2013 which pushed Invasion Recordings further as DnB label? 

In short, more and more people began to like what we were doing. Soon after this I switched my focus more towards label and promotion side of drum & bass music.


You have a mixture of sub genres within the label, with Hate Device producing Liquid Funk and Subcriminal producing Neurofunk -  was this your intention as a label from the start?

For a long time, we thought about how to approach the scene; do we create a label with one sound? Or do we create a sub-label under each sub-genre? As a result, we decided to go with the second option. As a label, we try to produce a wide range of sub genres such as Neurofunk, Techstep, Liquid Funk, Drumfunk and Intelligent.


Hate Device - This Time EP



But back to the new EP itself! Two liquid funk tracks appear on the EP; the first being This Time (feat Kesh). Now, as a liquid funk lover, you can’t beat a well layered track comprising of ambient synth, smooth snare patterns and a subtle but empowering bassline. All these components are prominent in the first track and are beautifully complimented by the mesmerising voice of Kesha. The slight off beat vocals work perfectly in complimenting the tracks overall ambient demeanour.



Who would of thought that a vocal sample from a popular RnB song could fit so perfectly well within a drum and bass tune? The second track, named I’m Coming Home, further contributes to the deep and melodic sounds of the EP. From start to finish you hear eloquent piano riffs, deep rolling bass and a slick vocal sample from Skylar Grey (taken from the P Diddy track, ‘Coming Home’).



Name: Hate Device - This Time EP
Release date: 19/9/2016
Catalog number: INVSN002

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