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Critical Impact & DJ SS - Roller Revenge EP

16. 11. 2016
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DJ SS and his Formation Records are back in strenght and this time with Critical Impact on the team as well! Recently we introduced you to an interesting summer compilation on this label but the guys didn't rest too long and the new EP is no doubt worthy of taking a closer look at it.

Formation Records is a label that has been out on the jungle/D&B scene for about 27 years now. But even after this long period, the label refuses to ease up their pace and keeps on coming out with suberb releases that still somehow manage to keep their old-school character and authenticity. 

Born in Bristol, Critical Impact has first appeared on Formation Records in 2014 when he collaborated on the 'Back to the Jungle' album release. Now, together with Formation CEO - DJ SS, they come up with a diverse four-track EP that refuses to abide itself by any prescribed rules or formulae and decides to stay fully authentic in stead.



Even though the opening tune 'Switchplate' starts with an easy intro, the rest of the tune is not easy at all. Mainly because of its massive bass which unmistakably reminds us of the atmosphere of late 90s. As the guys from Formation themselves say:"trust us, this one pretty much demands reloads."

The second tune 'Bassover' gives the more funky impression especially because of the various drums and its swinging sub-bass that won't let you think about anything else throughout the whole tune.


Next in line, 'Rollers Revenge' is more of an atmospheric tune that you would probably not expect tohear on most D&B events. We may label it as deep with an atmosphere that could almost be described as paranoid.

Finally, 'This is For The Streets', in cooperation with MC Biggie marks the last tune of the whole EP. It starts with calm intro which is suddenly interrupted with a vocal reminding everyone what the tune's name is. Dark atmosphere strikes and it is accompanied with infinite sub-bass and techy bass which sets the vibe of the whole tune and continues to flow throughout it.


Formation Records
Name: Critical Impact & DJ SS - Roller Revenge EP
Release date: 04/11/2016
Catalog number: FORM12192D

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