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NickBee - The Gears EP

21. 11. 2016
New Releases
Nickbee returns to Eatbrain after a three-year break to give us a fresh sting with his brand new The Gears EP.

The Hungarian neurofunk label Eatbrain barely gives their fans a minute to breathe this year. Since January we have seen a whole heap of supercharged releases carrying the Eatbrain stamp on them. It is also clear that the label boss Jade often looks to recruit producers for his brain sipping army in eastern European countries. The quality EPs from artists like Agressor Bunx, Gancher & Ruin, Concept Vision & Segment or a brutal album by L 33 are just a few examples of this trend. The next East-european to join the merry band this year is a merciless warrior from Ukraine who goes under the name od Nickbee and got supported this time by the magical voice of Joanna Syze.



As the more DnB educated readers no doubt are aware of, Nickbee, whose real name is Nikolay Bogolomov, has been on the scene for quite a while now. His popularity though is going through a huge spike recently. During his seven-year career he managed to release a whole bunch of ineresting tunes and the list of labels that signed his music does not fit on a small papernote either. Those no doubt worthy of mentioning are Bad Taste, Close2Death, Invisible, Citrus or the already mentioned Eatbrain that released his successful Third Entity EP three years ago. Nickbee now returns to the same crime scene with his brand new The Gears EP

Uncertainty, anxiety and tension. Those are exactly the kinds feeling that get awaken by the dark title track that gave the name to the whole release. Right from the first tones of the intro, chills are about to be sent down our spines. The subsequent drop lacks nothing of the moodiness of the intro but also manages to showcase Nickbee's love for minimalism.



In Nowhere To Run Nickbee takes us on a dangerous expedition into desert from which there is no escape. At least that's the feeling that gets induced somewhere deep inside by the far-east evoking percussions, blasts of wind and last but not least the demonic voice of Joanna Syze that takes on the role of a guide, leading us into the drop. Energising and well deployed, it really empowers the desolate mouth drying atmosphere of the track.


The third tune on this EP got the name Together With Future and it's a heavy hitting and constantly shifting bussiness, once again showcasing Nickbee's minimalist side. The leading elements here are perfectly created stabs and a powerful Reece bass that forces its way through anything standing in the way.



Joanna Syze's voice is present in the last track as well. This one is entitled We Fight and it is a true vision of apocalypse that forms itself with the the emerging drop. The tempo will no doubt please those who find themselves in love with high paced DnB. No doubt worthy of mentioning is the massive kick and frequently occuring hights that, in combination with other elements, make the last piece of this EP a track that is not gonna get old anytime soon.





Name: NickBee - The Gears EP
Release date: 17/10/2016
Exclusive Released: Beatport
Catalog number: EATBRAIN031

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