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Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster

24. 11. 2016
New Releases
Coming to us straight from the sunny Sao Paulo is a new LP called Gothenburg Cluster by Urbandawn.

Felipe Wrechiski aka Urbandawn is no rookie to the music scene. The fact that music runs in his blood couldn't be clearer. He graduated in Audio Engineering on IAV in South America and then got a job as a motion picture soundtrack producer for platforms the likes of ESPN or HBO. Before he joined with Hospital Records he scored a few releases on labels such as Fokuz or Bad Taste Recordings



On Hospital he introduced himself with a track Astrolabe on compilation Hospitality 2012. Followed by Trindade on New Blood 014 compilation which was published on the Hospital's sub-label Med School. In 2015 his hit Warpdrive saw the light of the day on the new Hospitality and by then it had become pretty clear that the signing of a contract with Hospital is imminent. And sure enough that's what happened shortly after. Following that were two EP's entitled Neon Nights and Cloudless, foreshadowing what is rolling at as now.



The album Gothenburg Cluster comes with seventeen huge tracks. Urbandawn demonstrates his talent and skills, stretching our auditory cells through musical paradise. And there's plenty to choose from as well. Brisk tempo and rattling bass, which is Urbandawn's signature musical element, accompanied by striking drums are all engineered to attack the dance floor. The ones to watch out for certainly are OkGround Zero or Power Scheme. These are sure to be encountered great many times in clubs and venues in the coming months. Urbandawn also reserved enought space on this LP for some laid-back tracks as well, just to give you some time to get a breather and a drink at the closest bar. These more of a listener-friendly tracks are for example Moonlight LullababyBlack NotesPrime Expansion or Still Breathing (in collaboration with Keeno). But make no mistake, these are no lullabies. Even these pieces are complimented by an incredible energy and more than ready to share it with you.




Hospital Records
Name: Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster
Release date: 11.11.2016
Catalog number: NHS299

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