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Qo & Computerartist - Get Down / Funktion

30. 11. 2016
New Releases

After being a big part of Czech drum & bass club and festival scene, Hoofbeats collective decided to take another – and obvious – step in their journey through drum & bass. Czech's finest hard neuro technicians and members of HB crew – QO & Computerartist – teamed up once again, delivering first ever HB Music release with their long awaited dancefloor weapons: „Get Down“ and „Funktion“.

First of all, lets GET DOWN to the massive bassline, that will rip your face off, punchy drums, extra addictive melody, blend all of that together to make a perfect match for total dancefloor destruction. Thats the way we want to party, thats the way we want to GET DOWN!


Year 2029. First FUNKTIONal man-machine traveled in time to 1984 to kill.. You know whom. 80's synth chord in the intro, that will take you to that time and atmosphere, folowing razor sharp, precise beats and extraordinary stabs, designed in future, opens a portal , from which the killer machine fell off.. The machine is warming its gears in quick build up before it drops into totally unrestrained, frenetic drive of pure neuroFUNKTION madness.

This is just the begining. We will be back. Real soon.



Hoofbeats Music
Name: Qo & Computerartist - Get Down / Funktion
Release date: 14/11/2016
Catalog number: HBM001

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