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T:Base - Discover Yourself

01. 12. 2016
New Releases
The German C-Recordings' boss T:Base released his second album full of not only chilled-out broken beats. Our very own Attempt decided to take a closer look at the album and present it to the DnB Portal audience.

I have to admit, reviewing a liquidfunk album is a rather rare thing for me to do. Life is about trying them new things though, so when I got my hands on the latest LP by the German producer T:Base I decided to write a few words about it.

At the beginning I feel it might be good to clarify that you can expect much more than just liquidfunk from this long-player. There is plenty of deeper and a few experimental tracks too, including one piece hailing from the world of straight beats. But lets look at the unifying element of album, which is the word "funk", whose influence shapes and unifies the atmosphere throughout the whole work.



The LP carries itself on relaxed vibes, chilled-out atmospheres and comes as an ideal material for home listening. The liquid-funk connoisseurs will surely appreciate the production quality, which meets the club standards. The album just sounds good and is no doubt worth listening to on a quality soundsystem.



The added value is the amount of guests on board of the album, mostly contributing with their vocals. We can name Jess, Charlotte Haining, Jake Primmermanna and MC Kryptomedic. Personally, I'm a very hard to please kind of a guy when it comes to vocals and in many cases it just won't work for me. This is not the case, for which T: Base' got extra credits.

Taking a closer look at individual tracks, the deep rolling Junk Food is sure to be considered the peak of the whole album. This track is closest to being described as dancefloor oriented and is just somehow ballsy in its simplicity. Another favourite is the liquid atmospheric banger Daydreams. Deep bassline, subtle pads, airy atmosphere and delicate work with vocal sampling all make this one a dreamy flight through the space. Unreal Moments, following more experimental beat patterns, is a pleasant and refreshing change of tempo, much like the house inspired Because of Me, which makes this relatively long LP a tad more interesting and kicks out a different energy.

Bottom line - this album has a lot to offer, especially because of its musical overlap. I would recommend it even to those who are not so well oriented in liquidfunk waters.


Name: T:Base - Discover Sourself
Release date: 01/10/2016
Catalog number: CREC083

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