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Phace - Plastic Acid EP

08. 01. 2017
New Releases


Many of us have been pretty excited to see what Phace has been cooking up for the upcoming year, and now we've finally got the hang of what he’s up to. He is going to kick down the doors of 2017 with a brand new Plastic Acid EP which will include four heavy tracks, specially designed to meet with Blackout’s style and groove.



After hard times of busyness, Phace managed at last to get in touch with Black Sun Empire’s label and collaborate on this upcoming bomb. He described his new tracks as being a little off his way, but that they “aim at working the dancefloor”.

The EP will be released on 27th January and it will add Blackout to Phace's exquisite collection of labels that he has worked with until now. We’re all looking forward to seeing how he combined his own fingerprint with Blackout’s pattern.




We advise you to keep your eyes open for this one. It's gonna be a hell of a start to the new year and Phace will be shooting us up with newness, demonstrating once again his ability to convert and create pieces of art.


by Ioana Marcu



Blackout Music
Name: Phace - Plastic Acid EP
Release date: 27/01/2017


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