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Czech Drum & Bass Awards 2016 - Official Results announcement

26. 04. 2017
Six Beat Under

Czech Drum & Bass Awards 2016 are over! That means the time has come for a small recap of this years edition but most importantly for the first official online announcement of the results.

On last Sunday Prague's club Lucerna hosted a very special unveiling ceremony of the winners of Czech Drum & Bass Awards 2016. The hosting role for the evening was seized by the favourite duo of jokesters Annita and Kamcza, who in an informal and friendly atmosphere revealed the best of what was produced last year in Czech, as well as global, world of Drum & Bass. It was the conclusion of a voting marathon that started all the way back in the beginning of March with the start of the first round of voting and has ended almost two months later with the final closure of the second voting round.

The purpose of the two-round voting system was primarily to allow the voters in the first round to support those artists that really lie closest to their hearts and help them to make it into the second round. The categories for the voting focused mainly on awarding the best of local musical acts, DJs and producers. However classic categories like global best track or global best label had their place in the survey as well.

The second round narrowed the choice on only the most succesful contestants from the first round. The voter could then again support the succesful artist that he has voted for in the first round or choose to vote for one of the other finalists. This allowed to voters to influence the final standing of the competition even if their vote in the first round failed to make it to the second one.

You can watch the whole recording of the ceremony below on Youtube:



As every year, we wanted to somehow pay tribute and reward those who found the time to attend the awarding ceremony in Lucerna in person. So we held the results secret for a while after the ceremony, though obviously we didn't declare no information embargo. That means some of the results already got posted on social networks here and there. The time has come though to finally reveal the full and official results of the survey along with some statistical figures like the total count of voters in both rounds or the number of votes for the winners in each category.

Before you plunge yourself into the results listed below, we would like to use this one last opportunity to remind those of you who would like to support Czech D&B Awards that there is still an active start-up campain running on Startovac website where you can donate any amount that you can spare or choose among various rewards donated to us by our sponsors and support the effort of the of the organisers of this competition. We would also like to say great "Thank you" to all those who already supported us and also to all of our sponsors. We coudln't do this one without you, guys!

The campain on StartovacHERE


And now for the most important part...


✖︎ Results of Czech Drum&Bass Awards 2016 ✖︎


Total number of voters in 1st round: 985

Total number of voters in 2nd round: 2320


Czech DJ of the year

Winner - Pixie - with a total of 328 votes

2nd - Volume Plus

3rd - A-Cray


Czech female DJ of the year

Winner - Snookey - with a total of 395 votes

2nd - Beaty

3rd - Elwira


Czech producer of the year

Winner - Rido - with a total of 454 votes

2nd - Forbidden Society

3rd - A-Cray


Czech newcomer of the year

Winner - Symplex - with a total of 477 votes

2nd - Houbass

3rd - Drop Database


Czech track of the year

Winner - Rido and Counterstrike - Let It Roll - with a total of 406 votes

2nd - Symplex - Virus

3rd - Madface feat. Janine Small - Fallen Deep Enough


Czech crew of the year

Winner - Let It Roll - with a total of 776 votes

2nd - Hoofbeats

3rd - Drumbassterds


Czech club of the year

Winner - Cross - with a total of 492 votes

2nd - Storm

3rd - S Klub


Czech event of the year

Winner - Hoofbeats - with a total of 540 votes

2nd - Neurofunk Will Never Die

3rd - Slim Slam Drum


Global DJ of the year

Winner - Mefjus - with a total of 458 votes

2nd - Andy C

3rd - AMC


Global producer of the year

Winner - Noisia - with a total of 600 votes

2nd - Black Sun Empire

3rd - Mefjus


Global newcomer of the year

Winner - Hedex - with a total of 838 votes

2nd - 1991

3rd - Signal


Global label of the year

Winner - Eatbrain - with a total of 658 votes

2nd - Blackout

3rd - RAM


Global MC of the year

Winner - Coppa - with a total of 812 votes

2nd - Harry Shota

3rd - Nuklear


Global track of the year

Winner - Noisia and The Upbeats - Dead Limit - with a total of 494 votes

2nd - Noisia - Tentacles

3rd - The Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazin


Global album of the year

Winner - Noisia - Outer Edges - with a total of 651 votes

2nd - Rido - Rhythm of Life

3rd - L33 - Karate EP


Global music video of the year

Winner - The Prototypes - Transmission - with a total of 440 votes

2nd - Noisia - Mantra

3rd - Camo and Krooked


Global podcast of the year

Winner - Noisia Radio - with a total of 655 votes

2nd - Fatal Terror

3rd - Rough Tempo


Global festival of the year

Winner - Let It Roll - with a total of 1160 votes

2nd - Beats4Love

3rd - Hoofbeats Open Air


Global hall event of the year

Winner - Let It Roll Winter - with a total of 731 votes

2nd - Imagination

3rd - Rampage


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