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DJ SS & High Roll - Time Capsule EP (Formation Records)

12. 09. 2017
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Formation Records is releasing a brand new EP that changes it’s form like a chameleon. It doesn’t matter if you like it hard, chilled out or oldschool - this EP has it all.

DJ SS & High Roll - The Time Capsule EP FORM12199D

Formation Records is one of the oldest Drum&Bass labels out there and a synonym for high-quality broken beats. This unfamous D&B powerhouse is considered to be amongst the most influential forces of the whole junglist movement. Run by the legendary DJ SS ever since the very beginning in the early nineties, this label has an incredibly long release catalogue that just got a new addition in the first half of this year’s August. The Time Capsule EP sees the bossman SS join forces with a talented duo of Bulgarian producers called High Roll.


A very crafty EP that tends to change its sounds and mood throughout all four tracks. Kicking the whole thing off, SS and High Roll teamed up with a winner of the popular reality show The Voice - Bizzi. Powered by his dreamy voice the track the track flows on the unbeatable combination of deep bass, piano riffs and soulful vocals. An ideal piece for home listening that won’t let you down even on the dancefloor, all thanks to it’s mighty bassline.

Don’t get too comfortable though! SS and High Roll are getting on the harder side of the things right in the next track. Next Step is a merciless banger that is preceded with a classic dancefloor oriented intro. The drop then gives birth to the filthiest synth riff, that has no need to mess about. This is straight dancefloor business!


The Capsule is a bit of a calmer piece compared to the previous track. An inconspicious intro filled with space synths leads the track into a high hat infused masterpiece that does not lack that certain oldschooly Formation vibe.

And we are about to stay in the old school waters with the last track as well. It’s name is Oldskoolers. How unexpected! It is a fusion between the today’s polished sounds, nostalgic synth riff and contemporary deep bass and minimalist beat composition. A more than worhty ending of the whole EP.


Formation Records
Name: Dj SS & High Roll - The Time Capsule EP
Release date: 25/08/2017
Catalog number: FORM12199D

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