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The Upbeats launched a start-up campaign to fund their new EP

04. 01. 2018

An ambitious project is coming our way from the The Upbeats. Once again, they are proving to us that things can be done on bigger scales too.


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Approaching with an outside the box thinking, they have launched a project on Kickstarter.com to fund their ingenious idea. The duo is planning to travel to Japan and Iceland to find new inspiration as well as fresh talents and create a 4 track EP with them. This EP will no doubt be a one of kind project as they plan to collaborate on it with some big names from the industry.

To top it all up, they also plan to release a documentary to catalog their journey, which will certainly be enjoyed by many.



Through the funding from Creative NZ, they are one step closer to go ahead in their journey, but they still need a bit of help from their followers to reach the goal.

The Upbeats are definitely pushing the boundaries of fundraising for musical projects and they are raising the bar for upcoming releases. The EP and documentary are due to deliver in next year’s August.




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