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Formation Records celebrates their 200th release!

04. 01. 2019

Formation Records are one of the longest-standing entities in drum and bass, and over the years have acted as a cornerstone in the careers of some of the most highly-acclaimed artists on the scene, including John B, Hazard, The Prototypes, Commix and Twisted Individual to name a few.  Now, the notorious label are marking 30 years in the game, by generously gracing us with a 3-part monster LP in the form of Formation 200 - A wide-spread, sonic concoction of versatile beats from over 60 forward-thinking artists; ranging from favourable pioneering names right through to more recent influential talent.  

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Formation Part 1 - Release date: 17.12.2018

The LP’s initiation begins with 22 clean-cut tracks covering a 360 dynamic of soulful liquid and classic jungle riddims, coupled with vibrant jump-up and hard-hitting neurofunk flavours. The first 3 tracks blow the roof and starts with a grand opening from Technique legends Drumsound & Bassline Smith with a high-octane stomper ‘The World Ain’t Ready.’ Russian duo Agressor Bunx then inject us with a violent formula in their track ‘Engineering’ while Jungle luminary Bladerunner propels us into the air with ‘The Flying Technique’ and Disaszt prepares us for a bass-induced disaster with ‘Get Them Wise.’

Progressing further into the phase 1 vortex, the theme temporarily alters into more melodic tones with 2 energetic dancefloor-setters from Influx and Northbase, before the musical rollercoaster dips down again into a string of dirtier riddims, including noise from the Formation frontman himself DJ SS with ‘Bring The Noise’ as well as some harder grooves from other prestigious artists such as Oder, Critical Impact, DJ Phlex and the long-established Cabbie with his track ‘Situation’ ft. Bizzi.

Softer textures arise from Karmasynk and Rockman before some more heavy-pressing nastiness from Mistic with ‘Science Of Craft’ and Greenvibes ‘Bassline Business’, followed by a striking hot collaboration from both Cemtex and DJ SS and their track ‘Unholy’ as well as pumping gritty bass work from the illustrious Missrepresent ft. Bellyman with ‘Another Dimension.’

Sikka, The Stratta and What The French all round off the 1st tier of the LP beautifully with yet more neuro-infused chaos, before Soul Savaz ft. DJ SS, Jay Square & Victor officially shut the place down with an atmospheric outro, which truly completes the first sequence of this epic 3-part Formation creation.


Formation Part 2 - Release date: 28.12.2018

Closely emerging behind phase 1 comes a second wave of tracks from both liquid and more minimal varieties; kick-starting with a touch-up on one of DJ SS’s older tracks ‘Hearing Is Believing’ truly reignites those funky grooves. We are then put into a hypnotic state by the mellifluous delights of Decline’s ‘Blue Flame’ and embark on another dreamy journey with Influx’s ‘Soul Unite’ ft DJ SS and MC Fats. Those enchanting vibes continue with ‘Real Love’ by High Roll, until we are met with Parker’s ‘Out In The Cold’ where we begin to venture into livelier territories.

H.O.R.I.Z.O.N lets us ‘Fall Into The Night’ with the angelic vocals of Mila, until Raz & DJ SS bring those techy soundscapes with ‘Entrust’. Saxxon, Streets of Rage and Nuvertal all make a fine impression with their own signature styles before T>I & Turno leave us gasping for breath with a fatal blow to the eardrums when ‘Lost Mind’ steps up next. Then ALB and Forever Heaven take the lead with liquidy, dancefloor goodness, before Twisted Individual leaves us on a wobble with the mighty ‘Homonculous.’

The next few tracks on part 2 of the LP weaves in and out of liquid and tech-inspired adaptations from the likes of High Roll, Spexion, Cyclic and Euphorics, on top of an awesome feature from Hospital Record’s Lynx & Master X with ‘Scoop’ and some Bad Company-sounding vibes from E.Decay & Soulpride. Exile ft. Bellyman rupture the place with ‘Don’t Hold Back’ before Soul Savaz yet again finish things off with DJ SS and the tantalizing tones of ‘In Your Name’ - A musical climax well worthy of its place, and a pleasant summation of what phase 2 signifies.

Formation the Classics – Release date: 07.01.2019

Part 3 entitled ‘The Classics’ provides exactly what it says on the tin with the golden era of Formation’s finest and most popular anthems. Such includes a remastered version of DJ SS’s ‘Lighter’ with that distinctive piano pattern and sub snippets we all recognise and love, along with one of John B’s most famous tracks ‘Pressure.’ Fist-pumping ‘Energy’ from Nero hit the sound systems hard in 2007, and still does just as much damage as it did back in the day, whilst Hazzard’s ‘No 6’ continues to do a number on us with it’s buzzy and defining basslines.  

Influx is featured yet again with a remastered version from High Contrast of ‘Back for More’ and another brush-up of ‘Bandwagon Blues’ by Twisted Individual which really emphasizes the times when amen breaks were widely utilized in drum and bass.  The original nuttah instigator Shy FX brings back to life the funky snares and bubbling bass of ‘Torment’ followed by one of SS’s most signature tracks ‘Black’ with a refreshed new outlook.

From Formation to Get Hype, the Prototypes are pushing back with the nearly decade old ‘Breathless’ followed by Rollz’s ‘Plugged In’. The naughty get-down-low vibes of ‘Cold Feet’ from Critical Impact ft Longman then take us into a deeper cavity of classic rolling wobbles, which is then redirected into a dancefloors smasher with Generation Dub’s renowned ‘Body Snatchers.’

Metro Recordings label owner and founder Matrix, harmoniously charms us with the smooth and quintessential ‘The Message’ on top of the R4R’s ‘Grand National’ which teleports us back to the 90’s prime time.  Completing the cultural roots in this last part of the LP is DJ anthems ‘Volume 1’ remixed by the legendary Carl Cox, followed by a breakbeat discharge remix from Slippmatt and his take on Oaysis ‘Incredible Bass’ which concludes the 30 year Formation extravaganza perfectly.


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